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07 May 2010 @ 05:09 pm

i wanted to draw kitties but i ended up drawing ren, too..... owo S-SO MANY THINGS WRONG ABOUT THIS PICTURE THOUGH, especially ren's dress.... outfit.... thingamajig i couldn't be bothered to reference )':
also. i... hate shading B( i usually get really lazy just before i finish ;~;

i have an influx of seto and ren drawings in my sketchpad. sob. I NEED TO DRAW CROW MORE BUT I CAN'T DOING IT WITHOUT MAKING HIM LOOK ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS TAT blaaarghhhsfhjgfghg

th-thanks for looking ;w;/ srsly guys the nice comments you leave on my otherwise crap art make me feel very warm and fuzzy inside, thank you ;A;