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17 April 2010 @ 10:59 pm
juuuust.... some stuff i drew over past few months.

ALSO INCLUDES: some really bad fanart and stuff i never bothered to finish

b-because i am a ginormous fag ;_;
if you can recognize them, then excellent! i hope i didn't butcher them.... too much.....

also: marjorine :3c i loved this episode so much dlfkjfg

a-and i did a meme! 'cause i was suffering from art block and i decided maaaaybe i should do one.
this is Noir, one of my OC's. I MESSED UP THE TSUN FACE AND WAS TOO LAZY TO FIX IT OK. he's more of a deredere/moedere/secret yandere anyway. :c
first is tsun tsun dere dere; second-- i have no idea what it means but i'm assuming dandere; next is yandere; deredere; I HAVE NO IDEA?? just drew a random 'moe' reaction; last is uzadere, i think. :3

SHIZU-CHAN AND KASUKA, because they are awesome bros and ps they're my favourite characters. i don't know how to draw shizu's hair and bartender suits D8
Durarara!! has taken over my life, I swear. my MSA notebook has little doodles of characters cheering me on while I memorize equations for permutations ;u;

i haven't been drawing digitally very much lately because i've been drawing on paper more~ *w*
HOLY SHIZ GUYS i kind of spazzed when i saw that the MSA notebooks for our review classes were BIG, THICK, and LINE-FREE. needless to say i kind of abused the back pages. 8DD;;
also I find it kind of harder to sketch on the computer?? my pencil flows better on paper I guess, eheh.
♔ sleep。: (三)genda on April 18th, 2010 10:43 am (UTC)
omgg o///o yen, I love your art style !! (sorta wanna icon the first one fff) I really love those two bros too, they're like opposites but they're super adorable.